What do I get with an Overland Bound annual membership?

An annual Overland Bound membership gives you access to Overland Bound One on both iOS and Android. Overland Bound One brings together mapping, trip planning, meetups and community forums all in one app.

As an Adventure Member, you benefit from the ability to connect with others locally and research 1000s of points of interest and trails.

Expedition Members access all mapping functionality including navigation tools. 

Overland Bound members also receive discounts in the Overland Gear Store.

Visit the Overland Gear Store to get started! 

What does the Overland Bound annual membership fee cover?

The annual membership fee goes toward the continued development of community, planning and mapping tools, and helps support our Trail Guardian land use initiatives. 

Why should I join Overland Bound?

Overland travel requires the support and knowledge of community. You will find our global community is experienced and helpful, and our members represent a wide range of skill levels. Consider Overland Bound a digital campfire to share stories, give advice, and most importantly, to help you get out there.