Please review the "Pro Tips" below. The process to download is quite simple, but understanding what it does is key to optimizing your experience. 

From the Map

On the main map "Plan" tab, you will see the download button in the map toolbar. It's outlined in red in the image to the right. 

Tap that download button and the download process will begin. On the map download screen you will see a grey rectangle and two drag handles. In OB1, to select and move a pin, you press and hold it.


  • Press and hold a corner pin and move it to download the download area.  
  • You can pinch-zoom and move the map while you are in the Map Download mode. Try it!
  • The map will try to center and zoom to your download area extends when you adjust the handles. 
  • Once you have the proper region selected, name you map. 
  • Select download and the map download will begin. 
  • When downloading you will see a progress indicator along the right side of the map. 

That's it! Once a download is complete, the area will be indicated by a dark rectangle overlayed on the map in low zooms. This is to help you confirm the data is there. When you zoom in, for navigation, the rectangle is no longer visible, and will not obscure your view. Example:

You can also manage your downloaded map packs in the main Slide Out menu of the app. In the Offline Maps screen you can delete the map, or tap the map name to jump to that area of the map. 

Overland Bound One does have map download limits, so occasionally deleting unused map packs will free up your quota. You can download them again at any time. 

From Trail Details

In any trail details page, you will see a map download button.  This is a preferred method, and very efficient way of downloading the map data around a specific trail. It downloads including a 5 mile buffer around the trail. No need to enter a name or adjust the bounding box.

Map downloads of this type will also appear in the Offline Maps page from the slide out Menu, with a unique icon to indicate how it was downloaded. It will also have the trail name. 

Event Pages

On the location tab of an event announcement you will also see a download button:

This button behaves in the same way as the Trail Details download method. If there is no GPX route attached to the Rally Point, it will download a 50X50 mile square radius around the event start location. If the creator of the event did include a GPX track, then it will download the area around the GPX track for the  Rally Point event. 

In the Offline Maps screen, it will include the name of the event, and an icon indicating it is an Event download.


Pro Tips

  1. Maps are huge. Downloaded maps can be 100MB to 500MB depending on the area and size selected. This will quickly use the space on your phone if large maps are selected.
  2. With the OB1 implementation of map downloads it is quite easy to select a very large region. Be conservative to avoid running into a quota limit. You may be able to selecta a county, but a state my give you a problem. Our recommendation is to download the area around the trail you are visiting. 
  3. Download your maps when you have good wifi. This will make the process faster.
  4. Map downloads take a long time, 1 to 5 minutes or more. 
  5. Don't background OB1 while downloading. We have made every effort to make the download process as stable as possible, but in some cases, the OS may deprioritize the process priority when backgrounded, and the process could be interrupted. 

As always please reach out to if you have further question!