Prefer a video app tutorial? See it here!
The a toolbar at the bottom of the app provides quick access to the primary app areas. Overland Bound One is divided into three main pillars, Community, Events, and the Map. In addition, the toolbar provides access to your home screen and profile.

The features of specific areas of the app are covered in other tutorials.

Home Screen

The Home screen is focused on you! It is your primary profile information, quick app section access, and all of your community alerts. Your Member profile card has the following information:

Overland Bound Member Number

This is your Member number. Overland Bound Member numbers are issued in the order Memberships are received. 

Community Rating

This "Star" rating is an indication of the quality of your contributions in the community. It is a very simple metric - posts to likes. If you make 5 posts and get 5 likes, you will have a 5 star rating. If you make 5 posts and get 0 likes, you will have a 1 star rating. This rating is also posted on your live event announcements.

Your rank is an important level and is seen almost everywhere next to your name and in your profile. Overland Bound Trophies and Badges are earned in 5 categories: Ambassador, Adventurer, Challenger, Innovator, and Guardian, and provide a material representation of your skill level as an adventure traveler and well your participation in the community. More information on Trophies and Badges can be found it this tutorial.

Forum Name
This is your forum name. It is separate from your real name, and often the most common name at Overland Bound meetups. 

First and last name
Your first and last name. Important note - this is not verified in order to preserve anonymity. You can put anything you want as long as within community guidelines. Nick names and last name abbreviations recommended.

Trophy Points

How many trophy points you have earned.


Number of likes you have received on your posts. it is an indication of your contents relevance within the community. 

Number of Posts

number of posts you have made.


The Community tab is your access to the community conversations, and you can post publicly to ask questions or get information. 

More information on posting and the community in the Community Tutorials


This area of the app is focused on events and trips that are planned by community members. These trips and events can create life-long bonds, and a great learning environment for Adventure travelers of all skill levels.  


One of the core utilities of the Overland Bound One (OB1) app is its advanced mapping and navigation features. For a quick overview, head to the Map Quick Start tutorial. Full mapping and Navigation tutorials are available in the Map Tutorials


The profile tab allows you to edit your personal details and acts as a public data sheet about you! Anyone can visit your profile anywhere in the app by tapping your avatar.

Your profile has the following features and information:

Profile Banner
Edit Profile
Share Status
Invite Friends
Followers and Following
Your "Home Base"
Join Date
Your latest Status Update
Badge and Trophy Detail
Profile Information
Overland Bound groups