Table of Contents

This is a great page to bookmark! We have endeavored to make the app get out of your way, but be there when you need it. Each main category has a General Concepts section which might be enough to get you started!  

OB1 General Use

Overland Bound One is divided into 3 main areas: map, Community, and Events which we go through in detail below. In addition, there are a few general tools we refer to throughout this documentation, which generally accessibly throughout the app no matter which section you are in. 


Planning your adventure is the next best thing to being on one! This section covers:


This section will be your guide to connecting with other members of the community. It includes: 

Events (Rally Point)

  • Quick Start: Rally Point Events 
  • Filter Rally Points
  • Your RSVPs
  • Your Events
  • Create a Rally Point
  • Invite Members to Events
  • Add a GPX file